Mountains and Rivers are Speaking, a booklet

Observations from years on the road
by Lars Schmidt

I see the world.
This seems to be my major occupation.
And it seems to be kind of important, since when I do not see it, it is not there.

Paris, France, December 2013


According to the original sense of the word, the nomad is in search of pastures, of food for his animals, thus nourishment for himself, his family, his clan.

Birds travel, fish travel, mammals travel, butterflies travel.

Before agriculture, we were traveling as hunters and gatherers.
Accumulation of things or storage of food was nearly not possible, thus you never took more than you needed.
Also the notion of personal possessions (including ‘my’ wife, husband and children) was quite blurry.
You depended on what the earth provided, and on each other, and you knew it.

If you spend a longer time in nature, this starts to make a whole lot of sense again.


Big old tree
You and I
What strange words are these