Notions Towards Rebalance

A short and temporary resumee, since I meet questions and discussions on a regular basis – Lars Schmidt

My fields of study and inquiry ranged from different art forms, to ecological, agricultural and contemplative practices.
Only to find that all of these areas seem fundamental to being human and to separate them into different disciplines, independent from each other, does not make things easier.

Also the fact that I lived in and immersed myself into various cultural and social contexts, as well as urban, rural and nomadic settings, I consider very precious and informing.

During those times I also spent long periods in nature. I still do this.
Quietly, or observing and listening.
And this kind of set the basis for a way of perceiving that became central to me.
To be more exact, it became articulate and unfolded, and I noticed that it was there since early childhood.

In general I sense that as a human being I live and work not for myself, but as part of all what we call nature, thus I contribute to nature as a whole.

In other words, I am aware that every action I perform, influences and is influenced by everything.

Even simpler: I am in everything and everything is in me.

Concerning life in all its perceived diversity there is a sensation of kinship, paired with a sense of wonderment.

With that, naturally, comes a sensation of wanting to protect, to foster and serve.

To sense and acknowledge that my activity participates in an act of exploitation or destruction, that it keeps generating blindness or numbness, that it perpetuates suffering and harm or hinders true growth and unfolding, is neither bearable for a long time, nor is it acceptable.

I hope to contribute to what could be called the common good through my activity.
This notion, for me, integrates the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of a community.
Also I perceive this common good as not exclusive to the human species.
That means that I see the term ‘community’ as inclusive of plants, animals, mountains, rivers…

I do not believe in the well-being of a human community, in the way described above, without the well-being of the greater context it is embedded in and dependent upon.

And yet, I surely would not want to encourage any certain manner of living, other then to follow your heart.

I tried (and try) to be alert towards how things presented themselves and for the road that unfolded.
Out came so far a rather unconventional and at times quite extreme pathway, and I am aware that within the social and cultural contexts I lived in up to now, this might not be the most comprehensible of ways, neither is it a very fortunate one in terms of social status or access.
However, and as mentioned above, it seems that my pathway is based on different priorities.

Ultimately, I would like to express my sincere and deep gratitude for the support, help and openness I have met on the way.
As I often mentioned, if you could meet each other…what a beautiful gathering it would be.