A turtle which explorer Captain Cook gave to the King of Tonga in 1777 died yesterday. It was […]

At times this what Pekka Aikio calls ‘state of confusion’ hits me more than others. In those times […]

Little white flakes fall from the sky A bit like feathers You cannot count them You try to […]

In a way I should think that all the posts of the Mountains and Rivers are Speaking blog […]

“Kazuo, a deep-sea flounder is swimming inside my body. You know, long, long ago it was shaped like […]

“After your paw was shot off, didn’t Nature become one-handed, didn’t Nature become half-handed?” “Through the muzzle of […]

To hunt means to have the land around you like clothing. To engage in a wordless dialogue with […]

Sigurd Olsen reinforces that, which is the magic of wolves: If a country is wild enough for wolves, […]