Clouds and wind mountains and rivers are speaking * A couple of years ago, I had entered yet […]

In a way I should think that all the posts of the Mountains and Rivers are Speaking blog […]

Rafael Alberti has been in the world for almost a century, yet today he contemplates the Bay of […]

The other day I had the feeling that there is a threshold that can be sensed, in terms […]

Lars Schmidt, Berlin, Germany, July 2006 * _What does art have to do with ecology? Ecology could be […]

The tea-room (the Sukiya) does not pretend to be other than a mere cottage–a straw hut, as we […]

The Mnemonics* Of Meaning (*a word or string which is intended to be easier to remember than the […]

… In 1887, the Scottish surgeon J.B. Dunlop hit upon the idea of equipping his small son’s bicycle […]

The Dance 1. Get the beat. 2. Listen to the wisdom of the system. 3. Expose your mental […]