The concept of man and woman dissolves The concept of human being, earth and animal dissolves To feel […]

Clouds and wind mountains and rivers are speaking * A couple of years ago, I had entered yet […]

It is autumn and the day is about to end. Writing in a small notebook, I sit in […]

Little white flakes fall from the sky A bit like feathers You cannot count them You try to […]

If we will have the wisdom to survive, to stand like slow growing trees on a ruined place, […]

“Kazuo, a deep-sea flounder is swimming inside my body. You know, long, long ago it was shaped like […]

I If a kid did it I’d have to yell at him But I did it myself Because […]

“After your paw was shot off, didn’t Nature become one-handed, didn’t Nature become half-handed?” “Through the muzzle of […]

Water is H2O, hydrogen two parts, oxygen one, but there is also a third thing, that makes it […]

Observations from years on the road _Booklet by Lars Schmidt *** I see the world. This seems to […]

(Auszug 1998-2002) _ Von Innen Gefuehltes von alleine geschrieben aus dem Nichts aus dem ploetzlichen Mund der Liebe […]